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Gym/Physical fitness Centre Coach
Celebrety trainer and transformation specialist, Certified Personal Trainer from FIT COLLEGE, Australia.
I am a Cricket player turned into Personal Trainer and body builder, extremely passionate towards fitness. Done my Gym Trainer certification from Reebok, now pursuing Master Trainer Certification Level 3 and 4 from Fitness Australia(check this link in DMHealth Fit College. Looking forward to be Personal Trainer and also a sport specific fitness coach. What am I all is just a grace of God.

I took the challenge for myself to become UNFIT, UNHEALTHY AND FAAAAT! and again bounce back to my FITNESS LEVEL and physique. I tell you it is not at all easy and fun, as a fitness coach, personal trainer, I always have to maintain a high standards of fitness, that's "BASIC". Well, I really worked hard in these experimental period, I understand and feel exactly how a fat or overweight person would feel. So yeah! Roughly in the first 6 months I was eating whatever I feel like, perfectly unhealthy and sleep was also not at it's best, but yeah I use to workout fair enough, this was all to get FAT IN MOST POSSIBLE UNHEALTHY WAY and in January 2019, I gained 13kgs and was not just FAT, even my health went to toss (constipation, gastric problem n so on..) I observed many changes in my body, health and it's behavior... I idea was to go past 80kgs l, but I realize my body was not supporting for that now, so decided to get back to my fitness and physique. So there, in 16weeks I lost about 14kgs. WHEN I CAN DO THIS FOR MY SELF, I CAN HELP YOU BEST WAY AS A COACH. SO, YEAH! WHOEVER IS DETERMINED AND LOOKING FORWARD TO LOOSE WEIGHT/FAT AND BE FIT FOR LIFE, IM HERE RO HELP YOU.. ⏩ GO FOR >> ONLINE TRAINING